AERA’s emergency clinic has been providing emergency services for over 200 veterinary practices in North Jersey since 1978. Our veterinarians are experienced professionals with career interests in emergency medicine and specialty care. Nights, weekends and holidays when your regular veterinarian is unavailable, our staff provides outstanding emergency veterinary care.

You do not need an appointment for your pet to be seen by the emergency service. Clients are seen in order of arrival and we diligently try to keep your wait to a minimum. Life-threatening emergencies occasionally do arise and must be dealt with immediately. We ask for your patience during these periods.

If your pet requires hospitalization, he/she will receive the very best of care, with a veterinarian on duty at all times. You will receive a written estimate of costs prior to hospitalization which outlines emergency services. Before the ER service closes in the morning, you will need to pick up your pet. If further care is needed at that time, you should bring your pet directly to your regular family veterinarian. If your pet is in need of specialized care, he/she may stay in the hospital and be transferred to one of the specialty services. If your pet is later transferred to one of our specialty services, that specialist will supply a separate estimate for services.

All specialty service transfers will be coordinated with your family veterinarian. We do not hospitalize animals when the emergency service is closed unless they are transferred to one of the specialty services.

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Accredited by AAHA
for over 30 years.

ER Services Hours:
Monday - Thursday
5:00 PM to 8:00 AM the following day
Friday - Sunday
8:00 AM to 8:00 AM the following day
24-hour Service on Major Holidays

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